Cuteness, World Domination, and Cussing

March 16, 2010 by Rieshy

This morning my 2 yo attempted to sneak out of his bedroom by rolling himself in his comforter and crawling like an inchworm.  Cuteness was his premeditated defense for breaking curfew.  It almost worked. 

In fact, if I had had my coffee it probably would have worked. He really was adorable with his bottom up in the air and face hidden as he scrunched across the hall. 

Sometimes, when my 2 yo is angelically napping and I can afford to be sentimental, I feel sorry for him. He was born to be an alpha-male yet he has 8 human roadblocks that keep him from his goal of world-wide domination.  8 older humans to catch him in the act of anything he can plot.

Later in the morning I was sitting- chatting with my husband.  2 yo came sobbing into the living room and flung his body across my lap.

"But I want to say poop," he wailed.


"I want to say poop. I want to say it again and again and again." He re-commenced crying.

I quickly gathered that he had been banished from the den by his 10 yo sister because of his bad language.  

Life is hard when you are the littlest.  Life is extra hard when you are the littlest and the world does not recognize your innate authority.  Perhaps I should follow my 3 yo's advice and just go, "Buy two more cute babies."  Then my 2 yo would be able to be in charge of someone.  

They could all say poop together.

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My Mercurial Nature said...

That is TOO funny!!

Shanilie said...

haha :) Jacob is 5 next month and really no curfew other than trying to teach him to get up verrry quietly has not been working. Still slams doors and every morning yells 'i have to pee' and im like shhhh just go

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Ok that is so cute!

My 10 yr old plays Mommy to the 2 yr old, too.

THen the 2 yr old plays Mommy to her doll.

Her dolls get a LOT of time outs :-)

JoAnn said...


Susan Fobes said...

Aw... I do understand you when you say his incg-worm status wasn't that cute earlier then planned. My husband had gotten up to get a drink of water around 4 am a couple Saturdays ago, and as he walked through the living room, there was my son, reading a book with his flash light!

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