Glorious Sleep

March 5, 2010 by Rieshy

Last night I received the best gift- ever...

After I put my Littles to bed I noticed that all my teens were home and settled, and my husband was working hard at a project that could take hours; so I bailed.  Right into my bed.  My glorious wonderful bed.

I slept from 8:30 p.m. until 4 a.m. without a single interruption.  That's 7 1/2 hours of SLEEP. Yes, all for me. 
I haven't had that many hours of sleep for 4 years.  In fact, it's amazing that my body didn't go into shock.

I feel so charged and hyper that my children may have to put me in time-out.  I wonder if I can still stand on my hands?

Guess so. Happy Feel Good Friday!

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Melanie said...

I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

There is no better feeling for a mom with young children! Makes you think what we could accomplish if we got a reasonable amount of sleep every night... great photos!!

Checking you out from MBC :)

Peryl (I'm here: - the above login is an old wordpress blog)

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Susan I wish you were my neighbor!!!!

I go to bed at 9 and sometimes it is a total luxury to go to be at 8:30! Tyler says that it isn't socially acceptable :-) He is a dork!

I have never been able to stand on my head - maybe I will try it!

Have a super great weekend!

Anonymous said...

7 hours of sleep. No Fair. We've been battling our youngest waking up at night. It sucks. Boy do I miss those days of great sleep. Congrats. Keep that energy going because who knows when you'll get that much again.

Stopping by from Feel Good Friday.

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