Just Not Getting It

March 10, 2010 by Rieshy

My oldest son thoroughly enjoyed this short conversation with his 3 yo brother, and then went to do physics.  Physics is easier.

The set up? The 3 year old didn't want to go into the bathroom alone because of monsters.

Big brother: "Monsters are not real."

3 yo: "But... but I see monsters all the time."

Big brother: "Where do you see monsters?"

3 yo: "In my dreams."

Big brother: "Dreams aren't real."

3 yo: "Dreams aren't real?"

Big brother: "No."

3 yo: "Oh."

Big brother, now curious commits a tactical error:  "What kind of monsters are in your dreams."

3 yo: "All kind of mean monsters.  Except one nice one that's a tiny monster.  I showed him to Ben."

Big brother:  "You mean, in your dream you showed it to Ben.  Dreams aren't real."

3 yo: "Uh, yes."  

3 yo hollers down the hall to 8 yo brother:  "Ben, remember that monster, the tiny one, that I showed you?"

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Melanie said...

Love, love this one! Made me laugh out loud. : )

Hen Jen said...

chuckle...loved this! Cute, cute boys!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

That was funny!

We always make those tactical errors!

Amanda said...

Oh how funny!!! I love being a fly on the wall!

blogmom221 said...

What a funny conversation between your boys! Your little guy was so serious about the monsters and so wanted his big brother to believe him.

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