How to Kill Time With Boys

June 28, 2010 by Rieshy

Before swimming, slightly bored, 13 year old visiting barber.  Clippers are entertaining.

As 8 year old says, "It's the best kind of hair because you don't have to comb it."  Not that combing was ever a regular activity.

Best summer-do my 8 year old has had in a long time.  It's called a "soldier" cut.

The youngest recruit.  See how tough?

Now if I could just get the three boys to line up and be still long enough for my camera phone to focus, it would be a really cute grandmom shot, of 1950's looking sweeties.

Sorry Grandmother.  No go.
Or too much go...


The Empress said...


But, then, I'm partial to boys.

How is summer going for you?

Katie's Dailies said...

My son said the same the same thing about combing: "It's great 'cuz all I have to do is shake my head and it's fixed!"

Wish the same could be siad for MY hair! : )

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