What We Did At The Library

June 9, 2010 by Rieshy
Library morning, complete with a magic show.  The magic show was over the head of my 2 year old so we went to the bathroom for the ongoing community-tour-of-toilets that every newly potty trained child embarks on.

Lo and behold the bathroom held a child sized potty.  My 2 year old was entranced. Amazed. Delighted. And Voluble.

"Mom, it's LITTLE."

"Yes, it's a little potty, please sit down."

"Mom, it's little here too."  At this point he rubbed his hands along the seat.  Ughhhh, moms should definitely not be OCD about clean hands.  Not even a little.

"Yes, please stop doing that and pee."

"But mom, it's LITTLE.  They made it Little."

"Yes, people are waiting.  Isn't nice that your feet touch the floor, now pee."

"My feet touch the floor? My feet touch the floor.  It's LITTLE.  My feet are big."

"O.K. honey, go ahead and pee."

"But, it's little.  I can't pee here."

I know when I'm defeated. We went to the children's book room where we found... a little sofa.

"It's LITTLE too! Every thing is LITTLE!"

Whereupon my 2 year old picked up a book, flung his body onto the sofa, placed the book on his chest and pretended to be asleep.  

I'm sure he has never seen his 18 year old brother asleep on the sofa with a physics textbook open on his chest.  Never, not even once.

So, to sum-up.  At the library, my 2 year old:
  • did not watch a magic show.
  • did not pee in the potty.
  • did not read any books.
  • did not check out any books.
All in all he had a Wonderful time.  In fact he's still napping in order to recover from all the excitement.


Carolyn said...

Such a smile today from your post! they certainly have their own perspective :) Thank you,
we are going to have a library day next week :)
have a great day!!

JoAnn said...

the community tour of toilets!
this is wonderful. my two year old wants to eat chocolate for breakfast right now. Just saying.

Susan Tipton said...


I was hoping that the tour-of-toilets is a national phenomena and not just another quirk of my family. As long as there is enough chocolate for you too, I don't see the problem.

A Joyful Chaos said...

The tour-of-toilets.... life through a little childs perspective is so interesting and exciting.

Rachel said...

Haha! Thanks for the laugh... and the reminder as to why we bing a potty seat in the car! I admire moms who venture into public bathrooms with kids in tow!

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