August 11, 2010 by Rieshy

I just realized something fabulous;  my About Me is completely out-of-date.

Potty training? Check- that's been accomplished for several months.

High school senior with college aplications, FAFSA and scholarship forms? Check- that's been accomplished. 

Breathing through my nose?  I've managed it fairly consistently.

Knitting a sweater?  O.k. so that's on hold.  How about knitting the world's slowest ever pair of socks? I think that counts- 7 months later I'm a rocking 1/3 the way through that.

Progress is my middle name.

Uh, oh.  Now for the rewrite.

Do you think, "Save the clock tower!" is too obscure a movie quote or too far down a convoluted line of thinking from, "Progress is my middle name" to be an About Me

Does anyone, besides me,  read other blog About Me's anyway?


JoAnn said...

I read them. My favorite is from Beck, at Frog and Toad are Still Friends, "I'm a stay at home mom who likes to write. I know! I'm a delicate, unique snowflake"
Freaking AWESOME

Melanie said...

I always read About Me. I want to know SOMETHING about the person before I waste, um, spend my time reading what they have to say! I should probably update mine as well.

Beck said...

I LIKE your About Me! Very nice.
And JoAnn! I'm so flattered. Thanks!

Felicity said...

I read them too! I actually get a bit put off if there is no 'about me'.

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