The Cat's Out of the Bag

February 7, 2011 by Rieshy

As a mother I do all sorts of things I would prefer not to, such as: eating peanut butter sandwiches, potty training, cleaning up vomit, watching Star Wars, and swimming in indoor pools.  Actually, I don't swim in indoor pools.  As far as my children are concerned our rec. center's indoor pool closes for the winter.

Indoor pools are smelly, hot, and the dressing rooms are freezing.  Speaking of dressing rooms, my main memories of indoor pools are from my childhood.  In every memory the dressing rooms were full of naked old ladies standing about chatting.  Most unpleasant.  

Last week I talked with a physical therapist about the best way to increase overall strength in my hypotonic 4 yo son.  My 4 yo's had a growth spurt and his muscle strength has just not kept up.  Water play and swimming were the first things the physical therapist mentioned... 

Deep sigh.

The children were astonished and thrilled to learn that the pool is, in fact, open.  Second deep sigh.  This is not a fact that they will soon forget.

To my surprise the pool water wasn't hot and there were no naked old ladies.  The dressing room did have one oddity-a trash compactor for wringing out swimsuits.  My 3 year old could have skipped the swimming and just played with the swimsuit-wringer. 

I have to admit that I had fun swimming with the kids.  As a bonus, the younger ones took power naps afterwards.  Indoor swimming is going to be o.k., I guess I can learn to tolerate the frigid dressing rooms as long as I don't have to eat pb&j, potty train, clean up vomit, or watch Star Wars in them.



Felicity said...

Watching Star Wars with my kids is one of my favourite Things To Do With My Kids...
But I also hate cleaning up vomit!
Enjoy the indoor swimming.

Susan Tipton said...

Luckily my husband does the Star Wars for me. I prefer Lord of the Rings with the kids, but my youngest crew is still too young...

Cheeseboy said...

Oh man. I once blogged about how nasty our local Rec pool is! But we certainly don't have a swimsuit ringer. That's the REAL reason I hate that place.

Susan Tipton said...

Cheeseboy- I read your post about your rec. center last summer- at the height of our pool going season. I laughed my head off while reading.... but then the memory of your post kept rearing it's ugly head as I chased my littles around our rec. center pool. I had to breathe through my nose!

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