December 7, 2011 by Rieshy

I spent time driving the kid's car yesterday. Besides being a sticky experience an overly helpful security guard blew out the electical system jump-starting the car for my son last week. We got everything fixed but the radio.

No music means lots more talking.

Talking 5 year olds involves a lot of grammar. I have to admit to zoning out, only to zone back in on language usage problems. My brain was somewhere in Tahiti when I heard, "So do wolf-feses really like to fight?"

"They're wolves."

"Were-wolves like to fight, but mom, do wolf-feses like to fight?"

"No sweetie. One is a wolf but more than one- they're wolves."

"Hmmmm, so when there is more than one they're were-wolves, and they like to fight?"

Later on the way to our first ever karate class....

"Is the teacher going to be a man or a woman?"

"I think it's a man."

"Do only mans teach karate?"

"No, honey and we say men not mans. One is a man but 2 makes men."

Short silence from the back seat followed by, "So man plus men equals 3."


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