My Day With Women's Hats

January 11, 2010 by Rieshy
The morning started early with a wandering half-awake toddler.  The house was cold- he was snuggly to hold, better than any blanket. Mommy hat.

Pilates video.  Hopeful-Svelte hat.

Cooking breakfast, cobbler and lunch's later stew.  Chef hat. Happy hat.

Paperwork, arghh.  Grumpy Bookkeeper hat.

School time. Teacher hat. Happy hat.

A child's unfinished work and duties shirked.  Mother hat.

Essay advice for my senior's college application.  Guidance Counselor hat.

Skipping lunch taking cobbler to a young new mom. Blessed hat. Friend hat.  Future Grandma hat.

More school, more business, more house chores, more children's needs.  Teacher/officemanager/housekeeper/mom.  Phew, tired now.

But, the day's not over...

Accompanying a teen with a learner's permit.  Driving Instructor hat.
Laughing with teen while grocery shopping. Family hat. Happy hat.

The evening continues. Event planner, maid, entertainer, policeman, wife, and nurse hats.

It's the end of the day.  My head is buzzing with words, impressions, and disconnected roles.  The older kids are singing/dancing/sassing. Blogging hat.

My husband is shutting down his work.  Hugs and grown-up kisses, time for bed.
No hat. Happy hat.

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Jodi aka One Blessed Mama said...

Awesome post!

inadvertent farmer said...

It is amazing how many different roles we play...great post! Kim

Anonymous said...

That was really sweet. I am wearing a repair man hat right now... coffee pot not working!

annies home said...

oh the many hats we wear and best of all the ones that care

Rieshy said...

Coffee pots must work. It's a rule somewhere... Hope the repair man hat did the trick.

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