Raising a Lawyer

December 17, 2012 by Rieshy


Mysteriously on Sunday morning 2 long locks of dark brown hair appeared on the kid's bathroom floor.  All but one of my 7 children have dark brown hair.  The process of elimination began.

My teens may have messy rooms but they don't generally cut random hunks of their hair and leave them scattered across a floor.

My 11 yo has hair too short for the length of the mystery hanks.

I know I wasn't in the kids bathroom (I try never to enter that realm of grunge) cutting my hair.  

No one came to breakfast looking odd.  

Time for the big guns.  The most obvious culprits?  The 5 and 6 year old boys.  Both have messy hair so missing chunks would be hard to notice.  I inquired, "So did either of you find some scissors and cut your hair?"

Guileless big brown eyes and guileless big hazel eyes looked up at me and in chorus they responded, "Nooooo, I didn't do that."

Hmm.  Defeated.  The frontal approach often fails.

Forward to this morning sitting at the table with my teen girls over coffee and wondering aloud at the still unsolved mystery, my 5 year old wanders over.  With sudden inspiration I casually asked said 5 year old, "So what did you use to cut your hair."  Cheerfully he ran off, dug in the bathroom for a moment and came back with his 20 year old brother's razor.

A razor is definitely not a pair of scissors.