Vacationing Enough

July 24, 2017 by Rieshy

I napped today after morning jujitsu.
In my gi.
During the day.
A week day.

I fixed saut├ęd spinach and pork chops and served it with a red blend on china at my dining room table.
For lunch.
On a week day.
Watermelon for dessert plus a bite of apple fritter my nine year old had wantonly abandoned on a plate uncleared from breakfast.

Because, I didn't do the breakfast dishes until AFTER lunch.

Then I cruised Facebook without (much) guilt and thought about weighty reading without opening a book,
And a meaning filled life, without getting up.
And paths, without planning.
And my children, without them present.
And kata without kata-ing,
And I uttered prayers, without enough faith.

And then I took another nap.
On a week day.
It was pretend-
Just for the luxury.

Vacationing on a beach could be better;
my Instagram account could stop languishing,
but for now, vacationing with naps and china and play-acting at thought and action and especially praying,
Praying to the God of the Universe, who created beaches but never takes time off from listening to even my weak prayers, is vacation enough.

Now,  off to wash my bedspread because
I fell asleep after jujitsu in my gi during the day,
on a week day,
which even on vacation,

is actually really gross.


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Paper Thin

July 3, 2017 by Rieshy

I'm blessed with two sisters.  Both are often irritatingly wise so when one suggested that I ditch my daily checklists and myriad of schedules for the summer I grudgingly gave it a go.

It's been rough for a person who judges herself at the end of the day by how many boxes are ticked off.  My mental, "Am I a good person?" as I drift off to sleep has no data driven answer.

I'm paperless, light, and the world hasn't ended.


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