Grappling Games, Part 1

December 11, 2017 by Rieshy

Standing with my 16 year old in line and having to explain, 4 times, that the spectator bracelet was for my son and not for me was fun.

Having all my children excited for me was both an ego boost and a prod.

(note to self, get photo of children standing still and looking at camera)

Having a teammate to pose with was awesome.

Knowing that my Sensei Dani and Larry Kooyman, from Family First Martial Arts, were both there with their kiddos to support Tina and me brought home comfort to an unfamiliar arena.

Having a blast both losing.

And winning.

And losing.

And winning.

The Jujitsu community is amazing.  
Sean Patton from UFC in Hendersonville coached me- just because he is awesome.