Missing You

November 7, 2013 by Rieshy

Normally I'd be at the gym right now.  I love the gym, especially early morning populated-by-grim-and-quiet-zombies sort of gym.

I love going in the early early mornings because I can get up and remain semi-comatose until halfway through my work out.  The semi-comatose part is a vitally important part of my routine because my semi-comatose brain is very obedient to patterns.  All it knows is: sit-up, start moving.  My semi-comatose brain isn't awake enough to say things like- I'm tired, I'm sore, I don't have time today, chocolate is good, I really need to...  It just does what it does every weekday morning.

I love going super early because that helps me finish before the cute and well-attired women show up and snag all the elliptical machines.

I hurt my knee two weeks ago.  I'm grounded for a while.  Yesterday I wrote a sheet of knee and core exercises to do today.  At home.  I have a computer at home.  Computers are easier than exercising a hurt body.

My gym does not have computers.

Now my children are up and desiring silly things like breakfast and parenting.  My conscious brain is fully engaged and predictably/persuasively argumentative.

I miss the early morning gym.

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