Boy, That's A Fine Pineapple

April 14, 2013 by Rieshy

My 21 year old son worked almost 24 hours straight between two different jobs.  He walked in the front door swallowing and carrying this by the greens.  


 I'm just glad he wasn't driving my car.


Beware the Medical Baby Talk

April 12, 2013 by Rieshy

My 7 yo goes into a sort of zen state whenever he has to be in the hospital or E.R.  His eyes get bigger, he slows down, he shows almost no emotion, and considers every question carefully before answering.  I'm pretty sure it is because he is very suspicious of medical personnel.  That time he had the urinary catheter surprise when he was 2 has not been forgotten.  The happier and more energetic the staff the more suspicious my son.

A few years ago an overly bubbly nurse popped up by his bedside and started peppering him with questions in a babyish voice as she took his vitals.  I could see him go into his zen slow-down mode, times 10.  Her smile got bigger in response to his lack of response and her high pitched baby talk lisp even more pronounced.  I ended up talking for him- something I try never to do unless he is unconscious.

When she left the room he looked up at me with an extremely concerned face and said, "Mom, I think something is really wrong with that lady."

Last night we were at the E.R. and the nurse started explaining to my son that he was going to have to, "put a huggy thing around his arm and then give him a straw- that wouldn't hurt at all, except maybe a quick pinch and then they were going to get a tiny bit of... well they were going to run some tests, and he needed to be really calm."  Then the nurse was called out of the room.

My son turned to me and asked, "Was he trying to say that they are going to do an I.V. draw?"

Medical personnel: beware the baby talk, it induces lethargy and lack of confidence in some children.


Games So Odd They Have To Be True

April 5, 2013 by Rieshy

Airport Shoeshine Stand


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Elizabethan Soup

by Rieshy

I was invited outside to partake of, "Elizabethan Soup."  What is Elizabethan soup?  No idea, but it looks yummy.

And the chefs are rather sweet.

What makes it Elizabethan?  No idea whatsoever.
Really, I'm stumped but my 11 year old claims the Littles heard the term "Elizabethan home" on one of his Alex Ryder audio books.  Evidently it tickled their ears, context neither required nor included.

Perhaps they'll be poets.


Swallow Those Words

April 3, 2013 by Rieshy

Unfairness is part and parcel of life.  Just ask the post office.
Sorry, bad pun.

Anyway, I've never been a big believer in overly protecting my children from unfairness.  It's just too big a job and I'm lazy.  I figure that the sooner they internalize this concept the earlier they can get over it and I'll spare the world 7 new adult-whiners.

Sometimes unfairness turns around and bites me.  My chronically ill 6 year old son has to have lots of portable snacks.  I try to stay away from processed (read expensive and full of junk) snacks but I do keep Extend bars around just in case.  I don't share them with his healthy siblings- they don't need them and see above mentioned- expensive.  Sometimes if we hit a time snag as we are out errand-running this means my 6 yo gets a snack tossed to him in the van but no one else does.

Yes, it is unfair.  But then again none of my other children will go into a coma if they miss a snack.  So we roll with it and mostly the older kids take it in stride.  Mostly.  The 11 yo complained with a quiet groan of, "Man, I'm hungry too." the other day.  I was too- but traffic had slowed us and we were way out of schedule and I have to admit I was perhaps a wee bit grumpier than normal.

I snapped, "Life's not fair- you may not get a snack but you don't have to go to the hospital either, so deal."  Yes, I know, stellar handling.  I am expecting my mothering award in the mail any day now.

What I didn't expect was the 6 year old's serious response.  "Yeah, life isn't fair because when I'm sick I get to go to the hospital and play awesome games on their computers and get go to the play room and get frozen yogurt from Ben and Jerry's and he doesn't."

Thankfully the 11 year old was wise/kind/precious enough to not respond other than smiling at me.