When 5 Year Olds Write

April 24, 2012 by Rieshy

My 17 year old was composing a poem today with the "help" of her 5 year old brother.  Finally she suggested firmly that he go write his own poem.

So he did.

Well, he dictated it to a 12 year old sister who, happy for any diversion from her own school work, wrote it.  Then she burned the edges of the paper on which the poem was written to the supreme satisfaction of the 5 year old.  Unfortunately the flames moved a little too fast and the second section of the poem has a huge hole.

What I can read is as follows:

When the world never ends the monsters will sleep.
The people won't stop building.
The world is made from glass, something's coming.

Hear the mighty roar,
places are getting destroyed.
Towers are breaking down.

A watch tower sees,
A dragon waves are coming.
People are turning into Kings.
Volcanos are erupting.
The earth is made out of Lava.

The End

I can't tell if Norse Myths or Lord of the Rings figure more prominently, but we all got a kick out of this glimpse into his imagination.  

5 year olds can be many things, boring is not one of them.



Felicity said...

Quite amazing!!

Melanie said...

I love this... you may have a budding poet : )

Ostriches Look Funny said...

wow that was pretty good!
Hilarious. I love kids. They never disappoint in the adventure factor.
My son just drew a picture of a duck shooting bullets out of his eye. Rock and roll!
We haven't been doing much of the reading classics around here, but we don't watch action movies either so I'm not sure where he's getting it.

Anonymous said...

See, I am so silly! I saw "watch tower" & immediately jumped to the conclusion that you had been visited by a group of Jehovah Witnesses. :)


CristyLynn said...

That is great! I wish I could write poetry so well.

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