Things You Find Out and other Scooter Stories

April 30, 2014 by Rieshy

I once caught my 6 year old riding two scooters, worn as skis, down the hill by our house.  Why?-because one scooter just isn't dangerous enough.

Today I was at the doctor with 3 boys.  Only one actually had the appointment, the other two were dragged in for good measure.

"Doctor, could you look at my 12 year old's hand and shoulder; it's not healing well.  Somehow he keeps mangling himself on his scooter, I'm not sure how."

At this point the weak-link spoke up.  You know, the youngest- the most likely to spill the beans sort of weak link.  Actually, he didn't speak up he sort of sang-up.  "Dumb ways to die.... hmm, hmm hm hmmm."

"What's that?" I stupidly asked.

"We were playing (again he sang the rest) Dumb Ways To Die," was the matter of fact response.

12 year old vainly claimed that he wasn't playing the game.  6 and 8 year olds agreed- "Well he wasn't actually trying to be one of the die-ers but we were crashing into him while we died."

I'm so glad my pediatrician is a mom.

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