Sounds and Smells

April 11, 2014 by Rieshy

I may be weird but most sounds have an accompanying memory-scent. They are all linked in my brain. These are 10 of my favorites.

A baby giggling. Any baby giggling. The smell is clean skin and powder; it makes you want to nibble sweet little necks.

The cadence and pitch of the voice of a 5 year old "teaching" something to a younger sibling. Play-dough- I smell play-dough and sunshine when I think of this. My husband calls this the Kindergarten Smell.

The early morning chirping of birds through open windows on that first morning of open windows. Fresh air and pungent onion grass always accompanies this sound.

The coffee pot percolating because my husband or a child woke up and turned it on while I lingered in bed. Guatemala Antigua- it's the best coffee smell in the world.

My husband's laugh. Which reminds me of how my dad would tease my mother by drawling, "You sure stink good."

The sound of a group of people a capella singing "It is Well With My Soul." This has a papery smell in my memory- all those old songbooks.

Acoustic guitars and last minute lawnmowers at twilight. Is the smell of lingering heat and humidity lifting off of asphalt as my husband and I walk on summer evenings.

The harmony of siblings singing. This one is a visual instead of a smell; you can almost see the music twisting along DNA strands.

The wind through heavy tired foliage in late summer.  Smells like cicadas and clean dirt. Yes, cicadas smell.

The sound of the mail truck accelerating from my neighbors mailbox and then braking at mine and then accelerating off again. It's the sound of possibilities and it smells like cinnamon because Christmas time is its heyday.

Anyone else want to share their favorites?

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

The scent of dust, dry manure and livestock..."rodeo" smells. It's the memories of something Dad and I enjoyed together, while fueling a lifetime love of horses and cattle. That smell reminds me why I do what I do.

Anonymous said...

The songs that the ice cream truck plays while barely moving up the street--the smell of cotton candy and suntan lotion come to mind and the beautiful memories of my mommy /daughter time

Rieshy said...

Manure is a wonderful smell.

Rieshy said...

Ice cream trucks- I forgot all about ice cream trucks!

CristyLynn said...

When I see tractors I smell fresh cut hay and remember all those summers riding on the fender above the tractor wheel while my grandpa cut hay.

The smack of a baseball into a glove I smell hot dogs and mustard, and I see my grandpa in his plaid button up shirt and blue jeans with his baseball cap askew. (actually right now just about everything reminds me of my grandpa)

This is a fun post!

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