Happy Father's Day & Constant Vigilance

June 21, 2009 by Rieshy
My husband said the best thing about Father's Day this year is that Jack is still alive.  We are feeling blessed.

Feeling blessed led to a conversation about how Jack is doing.  After a stressful run of hospitalizations he has been doing really great.  It's easy to start feeling blasé and even start mentally downplaying the seriousness of his condition.

We came around to the conclusion that Jack is doing so well largely because of our constant vigilance.  Or to say it as Professor Moody from the Harry Potter series would say it, "CONSTANT VIGILANCE."

My husband and I are meticulous about Jack's medications and eating schedule.  We continually evaluate his energy levels and the energy requirements of any activities.  I take notes of everything so we can spot trends and try to head off trouble before it turns into a crisis.

It is all such a mental balancing act.  Constant vigilance could easily morph into morbid paranoia. Monitoring activities and food could morph into an overbearing and fearful existence.  Whereas feeling blasé could lead to taking stupid risks.

Therefor, I propose that I need something akin to the AGPAR scale or the Pain Assessment In Children Chart.  Except this scale needs to be the Constant Vigilance Scale.  When I am unsure of a parenting choice I am about to make, the answers to the questions on the scale will mathematically rank my decision ranging  from: Neglectfully Foolish, Constantly Vigilant, to Fearfully Obsessed.

Unfortunately, I think caring for Jack is more an art form than a science. The whole idea of a mathematical ranking system is probably in the Fearfully Obsessed category anyway.  I guess I'll end where I began-

Happy Father's Day and may the grace of God and constant vigilance give us another wonderful year with all our children.

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Diana Albert said...

Dear Susan,
I saw your blog address on the postings for the FOD support group so I thought I would check it out. It is wonderful!! This post really hit me because while my daughter is still a little baby, I wonder how I am going to balance being protective enough and still letting her live her life like any other child. I worry that I will be more on the overprotective side of the scale. Thank you so much for your posts!

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