October 5, 2011 by Rieshy

Pointless: without force, meaning, or relevance

I have figured out a couple of things about parenting a child with a chronic illness.  Just a couple.
  1. It's pointless to think about the things your child might not be able to do in the future.
  2. It's pointless to wonder when the next hospitalization will come..
Yet I do think about these things.  

  1. Today, as my teens left for a 4 day hiking trip, I wondered if my 5 yo would ever be able to go on a trip like that.
  2. I found an old hospital-bag in my closet yesterday while searching for the boys' winter clothes. Should I pack a bag for this winter?

When does wondering cross the pointless threshold? 

I've come up with an addendum to the definition of pointless, if maudlin violin is playing in the background of my mind, I've reached self-indulgent pointlessness.

Wondering if my 5 yo will ever be able to go on a 4 day hiking trip? - definitely pointless.
Wondering if I should keep a hospital bag packed? - that's called planning.

If I want to wallow in self-indulgence I might as well eat chocolate because I don't even like violin music.  That's why my children take piano.



Melanie said...

I like your addendum. And I don't like violin music either!

Rieshy said...

Melanie, Isn't it funny how much comes down to mental discipline?

Nicki Burleson said...

I needed this today! Mary and Craig have a stomach bug. Every time she is sick with anything, my mind goes to the most horrible, gut-wrenching places. It has to stop because her health problems are not going away anytime soon. All of that worry is definitely pointless!

Unknown said...

yes. I vote for chocolate any time I want to wallow. you're so wise. I think the hilarity of life gets you through...because it's definatly not violent music. OH MY GOSH! I just wrote two words wrong in that last sentence. I'll leave them for you, a token of my exhaustion. Plus violent music seemed fitting.

CristyLynn said...

Definitely chocolate. I just finished a brownie, that's absolutely the way to go.
Thanks for this post. Can I link to it on my blog?

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