Broken Dishes

May 7, 2012 by Rieshy

My husband and I try to walk each night after dinner.  Partly for the exercise, partly for the opportunity for uninterrupted conversation but most of all for the escape from the noise created by our troupe of children doing dinner dishes.

As we left the house hand-in-hand I thought contentedly about our children working together, chatting and interacting all while making my kitchen sparkle.  Negotiation, discipline, cooperation- how could their time be better spent?

We walked in the front door about an hour later.  All the children but the 10 year old were sitting around big brother's computer laughing their heads off.  Everyone hopped up and went back to work. The six year old came up to me and said, "Awww, everytime you get back the big kids stop playing funny videos."

Unwittingly ratted out by a sibling, but not actually.

It only takes a few times of having your younger children randomly begin chanting, "I want to rendezvous with you!"  or "I want Malk!"  or "I throw it on the ground!"* or "Peanut butter jelly time!"  or "Backwards on a pig baby monkey," before you figure that YouTube is somehow a part of their lives.

That's o.k. my husband and I like to randomly shout, "More Beans!"

Children doing dishes.
If you love your children and you are not too attached to your dishes, have them do the dishes together every night.  It's a life skill- cultural literacy and all.

*The older kids do censor- this video has crass language at the end.


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Felicity said...

It's quite amazing just what our kids pick up on YouTube... From totally weird to hilarious.

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