August 8, 2012 by Rieshy

What do you do when your big sister breaks a flower arrangement?  
If you are my 13 year old you take a picture of course.

My 13 year old is away visiting grandparents.  I had to get on her iphoto to look for a photo that she took specifically for me to post.  Opening her iphoto library was like stepping into wonderland.   Since this particular child got a camera I've learned that if I cannot find her it's because she's outside taking pictures.  Does that mean she's done fewer chores lately?  

Let sleeping dogs lie  applies to children who are concentrating on something constructive.  Who knew that 10 photographs of a lantern or our doorbell could look so cool?  

Here is the goofy photo of my oldest that sent me to her iphoto to begin with.  This photo clearly illustrates why my little boys adore going to the park with their big brother.


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