Drowning One's Sorrows

February 6, 2013 by Rieshy

The best place for a fit of the blues is a bathtub.  Filling it with melted chocolate instead of water would be ideal but then there's the cleanup to consider.  As a mom there is always the cleanup to consider.

Sometimes I wish I could resign.  Days like today when the exhaustion from a week + of family illnesses and hospitalizations finally hits.  Days like today when my prayers seem dusty and weak and I discover that my van's front windshield is inexplicably falling out?!? Days like today when it's gorgeous outside and my astonishing ungratefulness for all my blessings stare me full in the face.

Days like today when I want to resign.

Fortunately/unfortunately there is no one to resign to.  The towel belongs to me, if I throw it in I'll just have to clean it up- because as already mentioned- I'm a mom with the cleanup to consider, so instead I take a long bath.

The best part about blues in the bath is that eventually the water gets too cold for even the most hardy moper to hang out in and when you finally and wrinkly emerge, you are clean, dressed, and ready to go.

Blues in the bathtub, because the cleanup is included.


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Unknown said...

I have the blues too! everyone is watching cartoons and I havent put away the laundry or done the breakfast dishes. I'm just here, pretending to quit and praying the clean up isn't too horrendous. Of course, I think I should tack on a little, "I'm praying for you" because I am and it tends to cheer people up. Not as much as a bath though. Isn't that funny?
Anyway, I really look up to you. So don't quit. It will make the rest of us mothers with little problems and little patience wonder how we'll survive.

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