Carte Blanche

February 4, 2014 by Rieshy

For Christmas I bought my boys scarlet microfiber xl twin blankets.  When I say scarlet I mean Scarlet in the most extreme royal red way possible.  I have to admit they were on sale for crazy cheap and purchased primarily to pad/even-out the packages per kid under the tree.  I had no idea they were destined to be a favorite gift.

These blankest are super thin but soft, they are huge, they drape like velvet and are cozy warm this crazy cold winter.  They are also perfect for capes, perfect for Roman legionaires, perfect for a king's wrap, perfect as a cloak for powerful wizards.  They have magical concealing attributes similar the cloaks of Lothlorian and they make great bathrobes; they are the prop for every mock battle and pretend game engaged in since Christmas.  They even occassionally make it to the boys' beds.

The only downsides are: that they are constantly being dragged through my kitchen on journeys to the den and my boys continually look like some sort of adepts for a secret and vaguely creepy society.  Especially my 6 year old.

This morning he staggered into the kitchen wrapped in his scarlet blanket, only his upper face exposed.  The effect was quite theatrical When I say staggered, I mean staggered.  He's having morning hypoglycemia because of a recent growth spurt.  Normally his is not very affected by his Fatty Acid Oxidation Defect- nothing near as affected as his 7 1/2 year old brother but lately he's been having morning blood sugar lows that leave him dizzy and drunken acting.

Dizzy and drunken acting and wrapped in a red cloak.

This morning, after he had some food in him, we talked again about what the dizzy feeling means and what he needs to do about it.  I stressed that if he feels this way he has to eat- even if no one else is up.  I listed the best foods for him to eat but sensed I had lost his attention, "Actually, if you feel this way you can eat anything you want- even without asking first."

That got his attention.  Whoops.  Did I just told my 6 year old he could get up early and eat anything he wants without asking?!?

There's no going back even if I wanted to.  I am parenting on the side of caution whilst flinging Carte Blanches to 6 year olds with happy abandon; I'd prefer to keep all of our scarlet wrapped dramas squarely in the realm of make-believe.

I just need to hide my private chocolate stash a little better


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