Magical Mystery Tape

September 3, 2015 by Rieshy

Watch a class of martial art students near a planned testing date.  If the sensei even remotely moves a hand toward their belt all eyes focus. Laser beams toward that denoter of progress, that badge maker of accomplishment, that electrical portal to the next rank.

Because on the sensei's belt hangs the Magical Mystery Tape.  

This week my sensei said, "By the Power of Greyskull."  Or maybe he said, "Wonder Twins Power Unite." Or, maybe he just said, "Here, you need to help when I'm stripe-ing students today."  At any rate I got to wear the tape.  And with the maturity of a pre-teen I excitedly forced a co-worker to take photographic evidence.

See, it's right there.  And one day, sometime in the misty future I hope to wear that tape of ultimate power... 

(a da-dum sound effect should be mentally added at this point) 

Electrical tape- energizing and motivating martial artists everywhere, even old ones. 


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