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September 29, 2011 by Rieshy

My 3 year old son was born intent on world domination.  He's an alpha male in a 3 foot tall body.  I have to wonder, is precocious interest in girls part and parcel of being an alpha?

My 12 year old overheard the following conversation between my alpha 3 year old and my laid back 5 year old sons:

3 yo:  "Do you think girls like me?"

5 yo: "Some do, I bet."

3 yo: "Why do girls like pink so much?"

5 yo: "I don't know.  It's kinda weird."

3 yo:  Deep sigh and then a rhetorical, "Why are girls so pretty?"

I'm thinking we should be planning for a wedding... in about 10 years.



Melanie said...

I had Sam in Taco Bell on day when was about 3. He kept staring at this young woman sitting across the restaurant from us. She was in her 20's with long brown hair and wearing a red silk blouse. Sam simply COULD NOT take his eyes off of her. When I finally regained his attention, I asked what he'd been looking at. All he said was, "Soft!" LOL!

Lezlae said...

I love boy conversations. A few years ago, a family friend overheard a conversation between her boys who were 10 and 8 at the time. They were arguing over which one would marry MC. They finally asked their mom which one of them she thought should marry MC. They were somewhat taken aback when their mother told them that they might ought to ask MC which one she would want to marry.

Susan Tipton said...

Lezlae and Melanie, thanks. I'm glad to hear that my son is not a stalker-in-training.

Mae said...

My 5yo announced that he is willing to wait until he's 7 to get married, but that's about it. And he has it narrowed down to either a little girl at church, or one of the Duggar girls.

He's also been scouting out good places to get engaged, and prime honeymoon destinations. His plan is apparently to win on Wheel of Fortune so he can afford it.

He'll have to learn to read first.

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