September 7, 2011 by Rieshy

"Wow, what happened?"  Not a good sign to have to ask that right after pulling back the covers-cocoon of your 9 year old son. 

"Well Mom, After you left last night I jammed my finger."

"Yes, but your lip is enormous?  I've never actually seen a fat lip until now."

"After I jammed my finger I figured out I had a bruise on my leg and arm."


"Then I was holding onto brother's arms.  When he let go I flipped over the sofa and luckily didn't hit the piano, just my knee."

"What did you hit your knee on?"

"My lip.  [of course, silly me]  Then I was doing handstands and hit my back on a chair.  That's when Dad said to sit down."

The 5 year piped up at this point, "Yeah Mom, we really need to get rid of the piano, it's kinda dangerous."

And that is my definition of Boys.




CristyLynn said...

My husband likes to quote something he read somewhere: Boy--noise with dirt on it.
I think it's pretty funny, and becoming more and more accurate of my own little boy!

катиа Девушка said...


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