Beware of That Person

September 22, 2011 by Rieshy

We have to drive to another city for my 5 year old's physical therapy- it's not too far, just 45 minutes but that's far enough that I have to take a snack for my son.  Last week I forgot to pack one so we stopped; the only nearby option other than McDonalds was Panera.  Admittedly not a great choice given my son is on a low-fat diet for his medical condition.

My 12 year old, along for the ride, was thrilled.

As I had my nose pressed against the display asking which muffin was the lowest in fat grams, I realized I was going to have to ask to see their published nutritional data because the thought bubble above the employee's head clearly stated:

"Bahhhh.  It's a bakery.  It's all empty calories, so what's the difference?- enjoy your food and stop holding up the line."

Their nutritional data is in a humongous 3 ring binder which was handed to me with an humiliating flourish. That was when I realized I have become That Person.  The mother with weird needs for her children.  Needs that don't make any sense to the casual bystander.  

I ordered a fat-free muffin for my son, and a fat-full bearclaw for my 12 year old.  My son's muffin came with an extra dollop of incredulous pity from the cashier.

"That Mother..."


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