Beeping In the New Year

January 7, 2013 by Rieshy

I was crazy busy over the Fall semester.  I started having free brain space as 6 months worth of being able to sleep a full night without having to get up to administer meds. to my 6 year old son started to accrue and payoff dividends.

My hair even got thicker.

I lost some weight gained in many E.R. visits and hospital stays from the last 4 years...

We marked 21 months without a metabolic crisis.

I started thinking that this blog, this blog I started as an escape valve for all my stressed-out thoughts on the topic of childhood chronic illness seemed a bit, well, superfluous as well as a time gobbler.

Then the flu hit my house.  The flu doesn't play well with inborn metabolic disorders.  My 6 year old had to go to the E.R. on New Year's Eve and ended up admitted to the hospital for several days until the flu ran it's course.

I now feel sorry for security guards nationwide- I'm sure they are praying for the gods of fashion to bring back simple leather flats; every woman entering the hospital (including me) set off the metal detector  because of buckles and/or large zippers on their boots.  Beep, beep, beep....

My 18 year old daughter had accompanied us to the ER; she set off the metal detectors once with her boots and once with the folding knife she got for christmas.  Beep, beep.

We got to watch the Times Square celebration.  Right as the ball dropped and the crowds cheered my son's IV occluded, BEEP, Beep, beep....

Strange times.  But, we left the hospital a few days later.  I left with the same number of children I went in with and that's what really counts.  I don't mind beeping in the New Year after all.


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JoAnn Hallum said...

Hugs. And Happy New Year!

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