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January 30, 2013 by Rieshy

Today a book came in the mail that my 6 year old had ordered and paid for with his own money: a used copy of A Light In The Attic that came complete with an inscription written in decidedly British handwriting, down to the crossed numeral seven-

Dec 2007,

To my darling Jack.  May you always find poetry in life!

love you,


Gloriously coincidentally our nickname for our 6 year old is Jack.  So he wondered why I signed my name Mum because he calls me Mutti, which is another long story in and of itself.  I found the inscription delightful, though I have decided to ignore the fact that the first recipient decided to heartlessly sell off his books online.  In a good spin, mayhaps the original owner found life so very full of personal poetry that he decided to sell his books cheaply in order to give back to the population at large. Um?  O.K. so that's a stretch.

At any rate many things make me happy about my son's package.
  1.  That my son got money and first thought of buying a copy of Shel Silverstein poetry and only later decided to buy another Bionicle with his leftover money.
  2. That after ripping open the package my son couldn't do anything else but sit with me and read.
  3. The fact that he loves poetry at all.  And he does, his favorites besides Silverstein are- Robert Louis Stevenson,  Karla Kuskin, and A. A. Milne.  
  4. That possibly, at some distant point in the future, my home will no longer be overrun with legos.

Here's one of my favorites from A Light In The Attic

The Sitter

Mrs. McTwitter the baby-sitter,
I think she's a little bit crazy.
She thinks a baby-sitter's supposed 
To sit upon the baby.


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