January 9, 2013 by Rieshy

As a mature woman is wont to do, I spent time while in the hospital with my son mentally designing the superpower I would like to have.

What?  Mature women don't daydream like that?

Yes they do.  And sometimes they even ponder what they would do if they won a lottery, even though they never have and never will buy a ticket.

My superpower would be instantly transporting myself and anything I touch with my bare hands.  What mom couldn't use the ability to instantaneously arrive with a child at a Karate class across town?  There would be no need to schlep all the children; take your cell phone along and if your kids at home need you, poof- you're back home.

The homeschooling opportunities abound.  I could take both my littles to a park in Mödling, Austria each day for German language practice.  Field trips to the Parthenon, the Chagall museum in Nice, France would be just afternoon visits with no passports required.

I could visit my sisters, both of whom live over a thousand miles away, for tea.  I even briefly imagined transporting one sister to visit her son- but he's stationed in South Korea and my daydream was sidetracked by being arrested by military police and being held as possible spies.  Daydream gone bad.

Which led to the conclusion that a transporting ability needs to be coupled with some sort of slow morph into visibility so as not to attract undue attention.  Super-powers are very complicated things, I know because I watched Smallville.

Powers are also enticing things.  Especially when one feels relatively powerless.  I didn't daydream about being able to heal sickness and disease.  Why?  Because the very idea hurts and makes me admit that I don't have any hope for my chronically ill son ever being totally healed.

I wonder if it is universal that we don't skirt too near the aches of life when we are daydreaming? Perhaps daydreaming is a power, a power to be thankful to God for?

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Felicity said...

Daydreaming is definitely a superpower!
I really enjoyed this. :-)

Melanie said...

I tried to choose one sentence to tell you I liked the best . . . but there were too many! This is great. I like the idea of daydreaming as a superpower!

Unknown said...

I daydream straight into my troubles. When I do that I don't sleep at night and get depressed, so perhaps I should try your method? I am praying for you. and your kiddos.

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