Postponed On Account of Bling

September 14, 2010 by Rieshy

I've found something I cannot do while blogging.

Sewing.  Specifically hand-stitching sort of sewing.  Irish Dance- hand-stitching sort of sewing. 

Great fun, no sarcasm intended.  My daughters do not do Irish dance but a lovely friend of mine does.  I'd happily claim her as a daughter, but alas, her mother is stingy.

This lovely young lady is going to a competition this weekend.  As in 5 days from now.  I'm sewing feverishly alongside her mother to prevent her from having to dance naked. 

Did you know that you can get sore from sewing feverishly?  I choose not to think about how out-of-shape a person has to be in order to get sore from embroidering.  La, la, lala la...  -that's me not thinking about it.

At any rate, by this weekend not only will I be back to blogging, but a wonderful girl will be dancing in a glorious dress that was designed and sewed by her mother- and I will have had the privilege of being able to help with the bling factor.


Melanie said...

Please post a picture when you can!

Fiorella said...

Next time, get a Bedazzle machine. I have vague recollections of infomercials, and people in my dressing room mention them all the time, "And you can totally Bedazzle your flip flops to go with that dress!..." I bet a Bedazzler doesn't make you sore!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool that you have that level of talent!

And yes, I do know about pain like that. I used to cross-stitch a lot and there were nights when I really wanted to finish a project. I would be up late and work longer than normal and I would be stiff in my fingers and neck the next day!

Unknown said...

Hello! It's me; the friend. I have been sewing away and have finally had time to read the blog. Susan has really saved me on this one. This is all the sign of true friendship and I cannot find the words to fully explore just how much I value all she's doing to help with this. I'm still coming up with a worthy thank you gift for this one.

Rieshy said...

Wanda, All I want is a photo, wig and all!
After all, think of all the housework I felt completely justified to ignore while I've been sewing.

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