February 21, 2011 by Rieshy

Today is our first day of Spring Break.  The boys had been outside maybe 4 minutes before I heard the screaming. 

First Blood.

My 4 year old's mouth somehow connected with my 3 year old's feet.  A swing was involved, but under all that blood nothing was broken. 

While I was mopping up the mess and administering that medicine of choice (cold milk with a straw) my 9 year old brought the 3 year old in to apologize.  The seriousness with which the situation was treated seriously cracked me up.  My 9 year old may have a future career with the courts.

Last week I hurt my right hand.  Today is the first time I've been able to type without pain. Spring break was supposed to be for finishing painting several rooms in my house and getting the gardens ready for Spring.  Because of my hand it's not going to happen.

I didn't break anything in my hand but it looks like my non-break may result in a real break this week.  Time for some hot tea and reading....

As long as no one else breaks anything.  Can I bubble wrap my boys?


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