Street Theater

February 17, 2011 by Rieshy

I'm in the throes of training my 3 year old to use his powers of independence, tenacity, and unusually well-developed motor skills for good.  At the very least I'd like to postpone his bid for world domination until he's legally allowed to run for president.

Unfortunately, he had the flu last week and now has an ear ache....  which he seems to blame on me.  I guess his reasoning is that I'm the person who is supposed to make things better- but I'm not. 

We were both up all night.

This morning he had had enough of my ear ache healing failures and persnickety rules.  He went outside got on his trike and started off down the street.

Child training takes no breaks, not for the flu, nor for ear aches, nor for under-dressed mothers.  Bathrobe flapping, I reacquired toddler and trike. 

Do you know how tightly a toddler can grip a trike with their knees?

Ear Ache Street Theater- for the entertainment of the school kids watching from the corner bus stop. 



Ostriches Look Funny said...

Toddlers are exhausting. Mine is obsessed with his bike. he would ride it for miles and years and in and out of days. Where do they GET THIS ENERGY!?!?!

Annie said...

I had to laugh out LOUD at this posting and my hubby asked what I was laughing at and then read it and said he "didn't get it." How did he NOT get it?!?!? Your posting is hysterical and so true to my real life!

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