Road-Side Art On The Way To Hungary

June 7, 2011 by Rieshy

My daughter sent me:

I could title it: Shocking Bikers.  

You know- bikers lying against reed stacks that are being shocked? O.k., too much explanation required = bad pun.

In these photos my daughter was cycling/relaxing her way to Hungary is sunshine so beautiful I'd like to eat a bowlful.

What drives me crazy is that the shots remind me of a painting.  But I can't remember which one.  I can't even pinpoint the period of the painting I'm remembering.  Maybe a Dutch painting?

In my search I came across an entire website devoted to hay.  
Yes, Hay. 

Not surprisingly it's called Hay In Art.  They have over 6,000 links to paintings.

I didn't find the painting I was looking for but I did find this:
I saw this Bastien-LePage painting at The Frist Center last winter.  Seeing it online was like greeting an old friend.  An old, very tired friend.

But back to the topmost photo- save my sanity- what painting does the shot resemble?



Aiming4Simple said...

Claude Monet did a series of haystacks paintings. That's my best guess.

Rieshy said...

I love Monet's haystacks- more sunlight I wish I could eat. But I'm remembering something less impressionist.

An amalgam perhaps? Too bad I can't paint one myself...

Rebecca Richmond said...

Is it Van Gogh's Noon: Rest From Work? I have a copy of it upstairs and your pic reminded me of it.

Rieshy said...

Wait- you're onto something. Squint at the Van Gogh- which is painted "After Millet", and then look at "Harvestors" by Millet.

I think I was remembering both of these paintings. Thanks!

Rebecca Richmond said...

Too funny, I've always assumed that "After Millet" was a reference to the subjects in the painting resting after harvesting the grain Millet. It never occured to me that it was a reference to another artist. I certainly learned something!

Hen Jen said...

really neat photos! How cool to be cycling through Hungary!

Rieshy said...

... And the Havesters by Bruegel.

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