Reading Week: 2

January 15, 2012 by Rieshy

The Sick-In-Bed Edition

This week, Parzival, by Wolfram von Eschenback, was on the list.  It was an odd read, until I awoke in the middle of the night and got one of the jokes.  Oh yeah- note to self, it has comedic elements.  But mostly lots of red lips on both men and women, and a general lack of any character that was not exceptional in every way.  

I need a book on chivalric customs because many of the scenes were so- odd.

If anyone thinks soap-operas are a recent contrivance then they need to take a gander at medieval works or norse myths or The Epic of Gilgamesh for that matter.  

My father, whom I successfully bullied into reading along and happened to already have a copy of Parzival on his shelf (imagine those odds) commented, "The only ugly person in the whole work was the sorceress. Everyone else was at one stage of beautiful or gorgeous. After a while the comparisons did not seem very convincing."

I ditched Parzival about 3/4 through when I started coming down with whatever crud hit me and landed me in bed this weekend and picked up Günter Grass's Cat And Mouse instead.  It was fascinating though not exactly a fun read but I couldn't put it down until I had finished it.  I'd love to hash out the meaning with other reader's- anyone out there that's read it recently?  Thoughts?




Happy reading!

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