Reading Week: 4

January 29, 2012 by Rieshy

There's a two week hole in my reading.  Various family illnesses, root canals and days so crazy full trying to catch up that I've been fairly brain dead in the evenings.

Excuses, excuses, excuses.

Instead of serious reading I listened to Beastly (unadulterated enjoyable fluff full of holes) by Alex Flinn as a German audio book, and read half of Tintenherz, by Cornelia Funke.  I was listening to Tintenherz as I read it in order to work on my German accent, but the crazy music in between random chapters started to drive me crazy.

Why would an Australian Didjeridoo be played so often and so loooooong, and so annoyingly between chapters in a book that takes place in Europe?  Why do audio book producers add music at all?

Or maybe my fever was higher than I thought and it all made perfect sense?

My dd claimed that I found Inkheart depressing when I read it years ago only because the translation to English added a more somber tone.  She's been promising that Tintenherz  is actually quite fun.  I am enjoying it.  After all, what reader hasn't imagined being able to physically enter the world of a book at will.  I'm just not seeing a lighthearted adventure, even in the original German.  It's possible I'm too much of a mom and am distracted with unnecessary worry over Elinor's library, Capricorn's revenge and how much school Meggie is missing.

I'm off to start The Nibelungenlied this week.  Perhaps a story from the middle ages full of violence and betrayal will be a break from a children's story full of... violence and betrayal.

Happy Reading!

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DHooper said...

I listened to an English audiobook version of Beastly and thought it was a fun read as well. Alex Flinn has taken some other well-known stories and made them modern as well.

Rieshy said...

My dd 15 is the one who gotted me started on Alex Flinn. Have you read her, Breathing Underwater? It's not fluff- very interesting.

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