Inconvenient Realities

February 18, 2012 by Rieshy
My Life Experiences Bemoaned in 17 Syllables

Reading and knitting 
are mutually exclusive activities.

Eating chocolate while on the elliptical machine 
is frowned upon.

Artistic children and clean closets do
 not co-exist peaceably.

One cannot write a paper 
while reading a fun mystery novel.

My spinning wheel is too large to pack 
in my son's hospital tote bag.

My whole family expects to eat.... 
every day.... several times.

Preparing taxes is as fun as
 fingernails run down a chalkboard.

Knitting one sock selfishly calls for 
knitting a matching second sock. 

Weaving requires brain power, brain power requires sleep, 
what's Sleep?!?

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Melanie said...

Love this one!

Brandee Shafer said...

I am frustrated, often, that I can't read and do anything else. (Or write and do anything else.)

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