Snake In A Barn

February 20, 2012 by Rieshy

My 4 year old has an odd habit of packing.  By packing I mean packing anything.  When he was two he would take his father's socks and pack them.

I would go outside and find a lonely single lumpy sock in the boys clubhouse or under the trees, or under the swingset.  Upon inspection the lumpy sock would be packed with important things like:
  1. Three duplos
  2. A bionicle head
  3. A kitchen spoon
  4. A crayon
  5. 50 cents
  6. My keys

No idea.  He leaves his father's socks alone now.  Now beware the random knapsacks and tote bags. Or random toys with handles.  I never know what I'll find.  Yesterday it was a knapsack with:
  1. A towel
  2. A flashlight
  3. A one foot long toy gripping tool
  4. The ubiquitous duplos
Last night it was a curiously heavy barn.

How to harness this mad skill?



Unknown said...

ohhhhh. I think he's headed for boy scouts or something. isn't their motto "always prepared for something?"

CristyLynn said...

Has he been secretly training my daughter? Of course, her packing is slightly different. She likes to slide objects underneath things or into slots. I found her slipping a very small book from an advent calendar into a vent slot in our wall. Unfortunately, I found her as the last corner slipped through the slot. I've found all kinds of flat-ish objects under our couch. Her latest favorite spot is under the stove. And then she giggles.

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