Imagination and Pockets

March 8, 2010 by Rieshy

Do you remember when treasures were everywhere?

My three year old found a spent shot gun shell out at our community garden site.  Watch his face as he pretends to shoot it, he's visualizing the trajectory.

He's finished now, so what's a child to do? Where does any cool thing go for later use?

The pocket of course.  That wondrous invention. That keeper of secrets that treasure chest of possibilities.

If your fingers are still too chubby and not quite coordinated the back pocket works too.

Do you remember being that young?  

My son reminded me, that's one of the treasures of motherhood.  Plus if I forget again about the treasures of childhood/motherhood, the clunking sound my son's full pockets will make in the dryer will remind me for a second time.

This was part of Steady Mom's 30 minute Challenge- 15 minutes, wahoo!
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Making Time said...

15 minutes! WOW!

Pockets are great, aren't they? My son loves things in his pockets, but often has to ask for help to get them there, still :)

Rieshy said...

My I.T. guy (husband) did some techy stuff to my computer- iphoto now loads quickly compared to the 362 minutes per photo that it used to load. My computer does everything faster now. In fact, my computer might even do dishes now!

Lain said...

So cute. Love the image of the chubby fingers!

Catherine B said...

My 2 year old LOVEs his pockets - it is cute. Hard to imagine all they can stuff away in there! So cute~

Amy said...

Love these pictures. What a cute memory. And I love the chubby fingers!

Anonymous said...


My daughter found some hardened playdoh and she said it was her rock. She played with it all day!

Hen Jen said...

Wonderful! I think he needs a compass to play with next...oh the treasure finding possibilities!

Kim & Dave said...

This post brought back fond memories of our community garden plot growing up! I am sure my mom found lots of treasures in our pockets then, with 5 kids to raise!

Amy Redelsperger said...

Oh the imaginations...We should all have such childlikeness!
Thanks for sharing.

Jenny said...

Thank you for the reminder that the things knocking around my washer and dryer...are treasures to someone. Blessings

Annie @ Sister Wisdom said...

Great photos, what a great moment. My 3-1/2 yr old daughter is enamored of pockets, too, and gleefully announces whenever she puts something in hers: "WOW I can put this in my pocket!" Excitement every day! This morning she was wearing stretch pants without pockets and we were getting ready to leave -- I walk in to see her left pants leg bulging: she had stuffed her blankie into her pants leg and proudly said, "Wook mom I put my bwankie in my big pocket!"

Rieshy said...

Annie- that's a hilarious mental image!

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