March 9th Daybook

March 8, 2010 by Rieshy

FOR TODAY my part in The Simple Woman's Daybook:

Outside my window... the birds are chatting about the glorious sunrise and the warmer temperatures.

I am thinking... about my community garden project and how I can't wait to get my hands dirty- yet how nervous I am that it will fail.

I am thankful for... my incredibly hardworking husband who worked all night to meet deadlines- yet still has energy to smile and work a full day today.

From the learning rooms... comes the sounds of work that we ignored to play outside yesterday in our first sunny warm day since.... I don't know- 1983 perhaps.

From the kitchen... comes the smell of coffee and a lone sweet potato I'm roasting to use in a recipe later today.

I am wearing... jammies and an afghan.

I am creating... I've taken a break from my afghan to finish up a pair of wool socks I'm knitting. I was chatting so much while I knitted yesterday that I made the second foot a little too long.  I need to take out some rows, finish the toe, and then wear them.

I am going... to band practice, piano practice, and to both a speech evaluation and the opthamologist for my 3 yo.

I am reading... too many blogs.

I am hoping... that I'm disciplined today and go to bed with a long list of things checked off my to do list.

I am hearing... my toddlers sneaking out of their room.

Around the house... is too much laundry.

Do you remember having to learn how to eat an orange? 

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The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I don't know about your 3 year old, but mine HATES the eye doctor. Good luck.

Sarah needs bi-focals and they haven't been able to have a successful appointment in a year so we have to keep coming back. $$$$$$$

I am waiting until late Spring to make her next appointment - I am hoping she is more mature and will handle it better.

It breaks my heart that we can't get a good visit in because she NEEDS a new prescription so very badly. Currently she is a +6.00 and her eyes still cross - hence the stronger lenses.

We practice at home for the tests, we have pretend eye equipment, but the minute we get into the office she cries and screams - it is awful. STranger danger :-(

Part of me is just thankful we got in the 1st appt so long ago, but then she didn't know what was going on! She was so little.

GOod luck!

Susan Tipton said...

I'm sorry Sarah needs bi-focals. That's a bummer at any age. Does she have progressive vision issues? Now that she's older do you still get stupid comments?

Jack's only been to the opthamologist once- it was last year in the middle of a bout of hospitalizations. He had gotten "used" to doctors doing things to him that hurt and had started doing a weird zone-out thing anytime we were at a doctor's office.

It's been 10 months since he's been to the hospital.- which is a life-time for a 3 1/2 yo. Last time we were at the pediatricians they did blood work and he freaked out, which I thought was an improvement over the zone-out routine, though less manageable.

I'm a bit curious/worried about how he will act.

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