March 16 Daybook

March 16, 2010 by Rieshy


Outside my window... The Bradford pear trees in my neighbor's backyard look suspiciously fat and are tinged with pink. Just a day or two of sunshine and a little warmth is all they need.

I am thinking... That if my computer doesn't start working properly I'm going to have to put myself in time-out.

I am thankful for... A new friend. I was invited by a young mom from my church to go paint shopping yesterday. I had a great time. I know I was not that smart or relaxed of a mom with my first baby.

From the learning rooms... I'm looking forward to working hard with my 8 and 10 year olds today. I hope they are looking forward too.

From the kitchen... Comes the sound of my refrigerator that is slowly freezing all its contents.

I am wearing... My newly finished wool socks.

I am creating... A prettier h
ouse. I have buckets of paint sitting around waiting for me.

I am going... To go refrigerator shopping.

I am reading...
The Explosive Child

I am hoping... I am hoping to be sweet and loving today even though computer and refrigerator problems have me riled-up. I will be depending on God's grace.

I am hearing... The sound of my 10 year old daughter waiting. She wants to email a friend before school starts- on the kid's computer.... which I am borrowing.

Around the house... The afore-mentioned paint buckets of the most beautiful colors of high end paint you have ever seen. All bought for $5 a gallon.

One of my favorite things... Sleep. I've been getting it lately. Happy sigh.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

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lisa said...

Sleep is one of my favorite things too.. :o) Great thoughts.

Anonymous said...

No way! $5.00 a gallon?

There is no greater fury than me and computer problems. It is the only thing I have even wanted to break.

Rieshy said...

$5 a gallon! And if you take a toddler wearing cowboy boots they mix the colors for free.- or maybe they just wanted me to take my children and leave:)

You mentioned on your blog loving color- well my walls have been a depressing contractor beige since we moved in. I'm so excited I can't stand myself. My husband is a bit dazed.

The Man Crew said...

Sounds like a painting party to me...want some help?? Enjoy freshing up your walls :) Enjoyed your daybook...thanks for sharing it. LOVE the picture, what a cutie! Computer problems are the most ANNOYING things in the whole wide world, or at least it seems that way when the computer won't cooperate. Have a great week!

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Thank you for sharing your daybook. Great blog. Keep it up!

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