In Case of Cinammon Rolls: Step Off The Pedestool

October 6, 2010 by Rieshy

Between commuting to college and working, our oldest son is rarely home while the Littles are awake.  They miss him desperately.  He is their hero and personal jungle gym, who unlike their father, never makes them go to bed or eat broccoli.

When the Littles  see our oldest it generally involves an explosion of climbing/wrestling/leaping/tossing.  As my 16 daughter put it, "Ring-Around-The-Rosie, mosh-pit style." 

It also involves just lolling about on his person.

Their hero. 

Except....  This morning I made cinnamon rolls in honor of Fall Break.  Everyone's first question was, "Is Luke still home?"  At first I thought- how sweet, they are looking out for their big brother.

I only had a few seconds to bask in filial love. When I replied sadly, "No, he's at school," several sets of little fists pumped the air and the 8 year old shouted, "Great!  Luke eats a lot of cinnamon rolls when he's home."

Sorry dear oldest son, your hero status is limited to within certain parameters.


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Unknown said...

They're just smart you know.
I think it's adorable. Right now, my sons are fighting frequently (not RIGHT now but you know, generally).
They are 20 months apart and I'm just a prayin that they grow out of it and become best friends.
And, now I want a cinnamon roll.

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