Odd Phrases From My Kitchen

April 6, 2011 by Rieshy

  • My 3 year old addressed me yesterday morning thus: "Mother, will you bake me a lovely pizza?"  Then his eyes sparkled.  How can I not try to bake a lovely pizza?

  • My almost 5 year old was discussing Scoobie Doo with his 11 year old sister.  She told him that Scrappie Doo was a puppy in the later cartoon series.  He corrected her, "No, he wasn't a puppy.  Scrappie Doo had a gland disorder."

  • This morning I mentioned to the almost 5 year old that his coughing and sneezing was from allergies.  In his never ending campaign for a dog he assured me, "But I'm not allergic to dogs, I'm only allergic to animals that have a lot of cookies in them, but not dogs."
          He explained, "Well, I can't have cookies because I'm allergic."

          Why wasn't that immediately clear to me?


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