Things Moms-Of-Many Forget

April 19, 2011 by Rieshy

Labor is hard, and 5 year olds talk. A lot. All the time.

Girls hit tweendom and start baking. A lot. Boys hit age 10 and start eating. All the time.

Plan family accordingly.

Just saying.

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Unknown said...

Skipped the labor part, my three year old talks a lot all the time a lot. So does my two year old. I don't have any girls. My boys are already eating a ridiculous amount of food. I'm scared, I don't know how to coupon, I've tried.

Unknown said...

My three year old talks all the time. When he isn't talking, I worry that he is up to something.

Anonymous said...

Word. I've experienced all of this except the 10yo boys who eat a lot...only because my oldest boy is still only 5, and barely nibbles at his food. Looking forward to the day when he devours the things his sisters bake, lol!

The Wilsons in VA

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