Tiny Silences

April 17, 2011 by Rieshy

In our van driving to church services this morning:

3 year old ponders out loud, "What's in my heart?"

Dad answers, "Joy?"  

Mom simultaneously answers, "Blood?"

16 year old sister responds, "Supergalactic Universal Oneness."

There's a pause and 3 year old corrects us all, "No, ANIMALS!"

While we are silently dumbfounded 5 year old brother responds, "No, when you eat animal crackers they don't stay animals."

3 year old disagrees, "When I eat animal crackers they stay animals and they go crazy inside me."

5 year old, using knowledgeable older brother lecturing voice, "No food turns into throw-up after you eat."

Mom and Dad, "Ughhhh."   Dad tries to correct 3 year old, "Bolus, not throw-up."  

Mom, "UGHHH."

Always the non sequitur genius, 3 year old shouts, "LOOK, A TINY SCHOOL BUS IS DRIVING BY!!!"

5 year old asks, "Who rides in the tiny school bus?"

Dad, "Tiny school children."




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