Birds and Angry Birds

May 24, 2011 by Rieshy

Last night my 15 year old daughter and I were attempting to watch the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice while the 5 year old sat between us.

5 year olds wonder out-loud, a lot.  While watching things like Pride and Prejudice they wonder ad nauseam about who the bad guy is... and when will he (finally) show up?

We came to the scene when Darcy and Mr Bingley are walking across the estate with other men, all holding guns.  Sudden silence from the 5 year old.  Blessed silence.

The scene continues- servants startle pheasants into the air and suddenly all the men shoot.

Silence.  I thought perhaps the 5 year old had fallen asleep.

Then 5 year olds most wondering voice of all, "Do they just really not like birds?"


I popped my head into a classroom at church to see if the teacher was there yet.  A two year old was sitting neatly at the table waiting.  I waved hello and asked how he was.

He looked at me, dressed in his Sunday finery, and with the utmost earnest expression on his face declared vehemently, "I LOVE ANGRY BIRDS."

Well then.  O.k.

I'm still trying to figure out what an elderly teacher who had never heard of that app. would think of his announcement.

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