Breakfast Anyone?

May 7, 2011 by Rieshy


Yesterday morning when I walked, bleary-eyed, out of my bedroom to make the morning coffee I discovered my 9 year old sitting at the dining room table sipping a large mug of fresh hot tea and reading Calvin and Hobbs.


"I wanted to get an early start on school, Mom."


This morning at 5:55 I heard an elephant in the kitchen wrestling with the stove.  When I got up 45 minutes later I discovered my 3 yo, my 5 yo, my 9yo all sitting at a set table eating scrambled eggs and toast and hot tea.  My also bleary-eyed 16 yo was standing by the table looking shocked as the 9 yo handed her a plate of breakfast. 

There was a plate for me and my husband as well.


So I did what any self-respecting mother would do.  I instantly taught my 9 yo son how to make coffee.

Weird works for me.



Melanie said...

Claire says this is AMAZING! I like the "don't ask, just teach" attitude : )

Dana K said...

This is awesome! You must have that knack my mom has (had). I used to think rubbing lotion on her feet & doing her nails was fun. I didn't realize it wasn't fun until I hit puberty.


Unknown said...

weird = AWESOME!!
Maybe you can sleep in now?

Keep On, Keepin On- MCADD chronicles, plus some other stuff said...

Love it! What an awesome phase to enter.

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