Hints For Other Unthoughtful Moms

May 25, 2011 by Rieshy
I'm not sentimental.  I don't like Hallmark cards, I don't collect figurines of any sort.  I always forget my loved ones birthdays.

So I try and pay attention to real-life thoughtful people. 

My daughter above is playing Austrian streetball.  She's in Austria going to school for the summer while living with a friend of mine from high school. This friend of mine, Doris, is a real life thoughtful person.  
Doris' whole family is thoughtful.

They put up a Picasa album and every day they add a few photos of what my daughter has been up to with their family.  

Balm for a mother's heart.

I had a friend's daughter from Switzerland stay with us for a month last summer and this idea never occurred to me.  

Next time though... Next time we have an extended visitor...
I may not be thoughtful but I am a great mimic.



Cheeseboy said...

That is really cool that she is doing that for you. Even more cool that she hanging out in Austria.

Rieshy said...

I'd like to be hanging out in Austria too. Instead I'm cleaning my office.

I thought about clubbing my daughter and going in her stead. But alas, my passport was issued in 1983.

Unknown said...

That is so awesome. I'm really NOT thoughtful. I forget my best friend's birthdays.
You need to renew your passport.

Melanie said...

What an awesome (thoughtful) idea. I would never have thought of that!

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