Brain Space

October 26, 2012 by Rieshy

Driving to a friend's house today to drop off fresh cream and butter from a mutual (cow-rich) country friend I attempted to have a moment of thought.

My 6 year old and 4 year old sons also decided to think, alas- outloud.

"Mom, what does "MPH" stand for?"

"Um, where did you see that?"

"On the sign that says how fast you can go- oh, it means miles per hours, right?"  I respond in the affirmative as I vainly try to picture a speed limit sign, does it say mph below the number?  Suddenly I cannot remember.  I'm again interrupted mid-thought.

"What does "P.M." mean?"  I begin picturing the longitude lines on our beat-up globe.

"Post meridian, it's the time from right after lunch until the middle of the night."

"What does "MP" mean?"

"It stands for Military Police." I begin picturing Jack Reacher, my favorite fictional MP, and how interesting the boys may find it that soldiers have their own police and how I can explain it, but...

The 4 year old, feeling ignored shouts a spur of the moment acronym, "What does "A.N.O.N." mean?"

"It means ANON," I said firmly.  No need to crush his participation bubble.

We arrive.  I still cannot remember if the speed limit sign has the letters "mph" below.  I'm simply "OOBS"which means, out-of-brain-space.


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