Animals are Animals

November 1, 2012 by Rieshy

Animals are animals and must somehow earn their keep.  Dogs should be dogs and by definition larger than rats. This maxim is engraved in my West Texas and Louis L'Amour tutored genes.

Except for this animal; I'm unexpectedly smitten.  
Meet Horatio.

I know.  It's silly.
In his defense, there was not a crumb of rice under the little boys' dining chairs last night.  I'll count that as a day's work.  

Plus, Horatio doesn't own a sweater so I can pretend he's a little bit tough. 



Melanie said...

Horatio is precious! You will have a good snuggle buddy this winter, and you could knit him a "tough" guy sweater?

Unknown said...


CristyLynn said...

A very worthy recipient. :)

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